Owning a car brings unwanted costs which mostly occure when you least expect. You can predict maintenance cost, but repairs can rob thousands from your salary.
What if you could somehow gain control over those repaircosts and forget paying large amounts for something that should not be in your budget.

CLAIMPANDA is the first all inclusive car maintenance and repair subscription service which packs all car services in to an affordable monthy subscription and gives you full control over car expences.
We are the Netflix of car maintenance, pay a little, gain alot.





We have over decade of experience in automotive industry. Working together with big brands like Bosch and Volkswagen group, over 10,000 cars have been repaired and maintained.
We do understand thoroughly what it takes to keep your car in good shape and as the technology evolves around us the services for your car have to do the same.
Adding AI into the process of car maintenance, we have created an innovative subscription based car repair and maintenance service.

For a low monthly fee, all your car annual repaircost are covered. As simple as that.

If you love using Spotify instead of buying every single song, or Netflix instead of watching every movie in cinema, then why should you pay for every repairjob seperately when you get them all for a low monthly fee.